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About Brain Tumor

Ascites is a buildup of fluid in your abdomen. It often occurs as a result of cirrhosis, a liver disease. Talk to your healthcare provider if you have cirrhosis and notice you’re gaining weight very quickly. Your provider will talk to you about treatments, which often include a low-salt diet.


  • Fever above 100.5°F (38.05°C), or a fever that does not go away.
  • Belly pain.
  • Blood in your stool or black, tarry stools.
  • Blood in your vomit.
  • Bruising or bleeding that occurs easily.
  • Build-up of fluid in your belly.
  • Swollen legs or ankles.


  1. Cut back on your salt intake. …
  2. Cut back on the amount of fluids you drink.
  3. Stop drinking alcohol.
  4. Take diuretic medicines to help reduce the fluid in your body.
  5. In certain cases, your doctor may need to remove large amounts of fluid from your abdomen through a needle.


Ascites is free fluid in the peritoneal cavity. The most common cause is portal hypertension. Symptoms usually result from abdominal distention. Diagnosis is based on physical examination and often ultrasonography or CT.