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Spine Surgery

About Spine Surgery

The surgery involves an incision on the back of the spine that allows the surgeon to remove bone spurs and thickened ligaments that are pressing on the nerves of the low back. Microdiscectomy is used to treat nerve pain (sciatica) due to a herniated disc impinging a nerve in the spine.

Spine Surgery

If you’ve Faced with back pain for any length of time, you may be querying if spine surgery is your only mode option. Sometimes, surgery is the only way. However, there’s good news. The large majority of back difficulties can be treated with non-surgical methods—usually related to non-surgical or conventional therapies.

Aging, incorrect body mechanics, trauma and skeletal anomalies can injure your spine, starting to back pain and other signs such as leg pain and/or numbness or even leg bent. Chronic back pain is a situation that usually requires a team of health experts to diagnose and handle. Before leaving yourself to surgery, consider taking opinions from several spine experts. This investment of time and knowledge-collection will help you make a notified treatment choice that will best help your lifestyle and desired level of physical activity.